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Personal Birth Chart Reading (60-minutes)

Reading is tailored to your specific areas of interest and may include topics such as an annual forecast, love and relationships, finance, career, talents, dharma, etc.


Personal Birth Chart Reading  (90-minutes)

Reading is tailored to your specific areas of interest and may include topics such as an annual forecast, love and relationships, finance, career, talents, dharma, etc.


Focus Reading, available only to existing clients (30-minutes)

This shorter session is designed to address one or two specific areas of life or questions. 30-minute Focus Readings are only available to those who have had a previous reading by Radhe.


Discover Your Ayurvedic Constitution and Proper Lifestyle and Diet (90-minutes)

Discover your Ayurvedic physical constitution (prakruti, i.e. vata, pitta, kapha) and current imbalance(s) (vikruti) and mental-emotional constitution (sattva, rajas, tamas). This assessment is based a combination of inputs, including your Vedic birth chart, the completion of an Ayurvedic questionnaire and discussions with Radhe. Based on these findings, a proper diet and daily health regime is recommended. This consultation includes an initial 30-minute assessment followed by a 60-minute session in which I recommend the right diet and lifestyle to support your physical and mental constitutions.


TARA Health Consultation (120-minutes)

Astrological Reading combined with an Ayurvedic Health Consultation. Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of alternative medicine in the world and Vedic Astrology is the divine science of the planets. Trained in both, I have developed an integrated approach to health and healing: TARA. TARA integrates the Ayurvedic consultation with a reading of the Vedic birth chart to assess overall constitutional strength, inherent disease tendencies and periods of ill-health.This insight is the foundation for tailoring specific regimes to address your particular health needs. Recommended healing regiments may include:

  • Diet and Lifestyle Practices
  • Daily Health Regimes
  • Herbal Therapeutics and Aromatherapy
  • Spiritual Practices (Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation)
  • Planetary Remedial Measures

The TARA Health Consultation is conducted in two sessions. During the Initial Consultation of 30 minutes, your health objectives, current health concerns, medical history and diet and lifestyle practices are reviewed. In the subsequent Follow-Up Consultation of 90 minutes, insights derived from your Vedic birth chart are revealed and your TARA health plan presented and discussed in detail.


Muhurta (30-minutes)

Selection of an auspicious date and time for beginning a new project, incorporating a business, getting married, putting your home on the market, and other life events. Price is per personal birth chart.


Gemstone Recommendation (30-minutes)

A Vedic birth chart reading for the purpose of recommending a gemstone, the proper metal, and auspicious day to first wear the gemstone.


Birth Chart Rectification (60-minutes)

Uncertain of your exact birth time? The birth time can often be rectified by answering a series of questions based on historical events in your life.


Relationship Compatibility, Personal or Professional (60-minutes)

This reading involves the astrological comparison of two Vedic birth charts for the purpose of assessing overall compatibility, areas of potential concern, general relationship skills of each individual, timing of events, and more.


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