Celestial Prayer Malas by Z

Celestial Prayer Malas are hand-crafted with 108 genuine, high-quality gemstones of one of the seven planets, along with hand-woven silk knots between each bead. Finished with one or more ornate Tibetan beads individually chosen from Z‘s collection sourced from around the world and a hand-made silk tassel. A natural Ganesha 5-faced Rudraksha guru bead completes the Celestial Prayer Mala. Rudraksha beads are known for their spiritual and healing powers. Amazingly, Rudraksha beads grow with a natural hole in the center. How this hole forms makes each bead (and Celestial Prayer Mala) uniquely original. Hence, the Rudraksha bead on your mala may hang to the slight right or left. Each Celestial Prayer Mala comes in lovely ornamental bag.

All Celestial Prayer Malas are 30-31″ in length plus guru bead and tassel (approx. 3 1/2″).

Click on mala below to enlarge picture and to learn about its special planetary powers!

Click here to listen to the mantra for each planet.


Which Celestial Prayer Mala is best for you? Receive a free written (or verbal) recommendation of the Celestial Prayer Mala that best supports your Vedic birth chart, along with an astrological explanation and an email copy of your birth chart. This service is absolutely free. Simply email your birth day-mm-year, time of birth and city-state to radhe@celestialgazing.com. You will receive a personalized response within 48 hours. (Taking advantage of this offer in no way obligates you to purchase a Celestial Prayer Mala.)

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